Standard Units

Our Standard Storage Units resemble garages. The units are all clean and dry. The temperature and humidity inside a Standard Storage Unit will correspond to the temperature and humidity level in the air outside.

These units are perfect for storing items you would normally store in a garage or shed: tools, bikes, lawn equipment, outdoor furniture, etc. We never recommend storage of any type of furniture in a Standard Storage Unit.

All Prices are subject to change. New move-ins are required to pay the first month’s rent plus a security deposit equal to the unit’s monthly cost.

Standard Storage Units

10' x 6' 60 sq ft $40
10' x 10' 100 sq ft $60
10' x 16' 160 sq ft $80
10' x 20' 200 sq ft $90
10' x 26' 260 sq ft $105
10' x 28' 280 sq ft $115